BCN Surf Crew, your surfing at 100%

Discover our high performance training. A complete and innovative program prepared by coaches and surfers with extensive experience in competition designed to improve the surfing level of any student in Barcelona.

We work in small groups of a maximum of 9 people. We are convinced of the effectiveness of our method. Come one day to try it and if you're not satisfied, don't worry. Leave your place free for another student. We will refund your money, without obligation

BCN Surf Crew


  • High performance training: Power, resistance and balance to optimize your surfing performance.
  • Mobility: Improve the range of motion crucial to your fluidity in the water.


    • I work in a controlled aquatic environment to maximize your resistance in the sea.
    • Exercises applied to Surfing to improve your paddling.


    • Surf lessons by objectives using video-correction and personalized feedback.
    • Class scheduling based on the wave report. We take you to the best spots.


    • Training at SkateParks and ramps to improve technical skills.
    • Internalize the movements of surfing out of the water.
    • For whom?

      This program is designed both for autonomous surfers, that is, they know how to choose and surf waves on their own, and for anyone who wants to improve their physical conditioning.

      The video-correction part does require a level test.

    • Where?

      The Functional Training, Mobility and Pool activities will take place at the Claror-Marítim center, right in front of Somorrostro beach.

      The Surf Skate activity will be carried out in different SkateParks and ramps depending on the level and objectives to be worked on.

    • Advantages

      As a member of BCN Surf Crew, you will enjoy special discounts on gym services, osteopathy, physiotherapy and nutritional advice.

      On training days you can use the center's SPA area to speed up your recovery.

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    DÍAS / SEMANA 1 2 3 4
    MES ENTERO 52 € 72 € 84 € 96 €
    CLASE SUELTA 13 € 9 € 7 € 6 €


    Lunes Martes Miércoles Jueves
    21-22h Entreno funcional Movilidad Piscina Surf Skate
    22-22.30h SPA SPA SPA
    • LOOSE CLASS €23

    The first month of training begins on November 15 and ends on December 15. It's a Beta version, so join and be part of the evolution!

    We rest from December 15 to January 10 to resume training until July.

    If you sign up this month you have FREE registration