Your Surf School in Barcelona

Surf around Barcelona with BCN Surf School. We are a mobile school that knows the Barcelona coast in detail. We offer surf classes and courses for all levels and ages. If you are passionate about surfing or want to become one, join our community. Don't wait any longer and discover the excitement of surfing today!


  • Who are we?

    We are passionate about surfing and experts in teaching sports. We have been surfing the coast of Barcelona and its surroundings for many years.

    Our combination of love for surfing and knowledge of the environment allows us to offer the best surf lessons you can find.

    Each surf class becomes a fun and enjoyable experience, where you will learn not only surfing techniques, but also the importance of safety in the water

  • What we offer?

    Surf classes and courses, SurfSkate, yoga, functional training, travel.

    For the youngest, we offer extracurricular classes, birthday parties, summer camps...

    In addition, we are flexible and can design personalized activities with you.

    Our goal is for you to learn and enjoy every experience with us to the fullest.

  • Where we are?

    Our home is anywhere where the best waves are to surf.

    Our commitment to quality leads us to explore and get to know every corner of these seas, from secret beaches to iconic spots throughout Barcelona and Catalonia .

    Our prepared vehicles will take you to the perfect place at the ideal time, ensuring that you have the best conditions to enjoy each wave.

  • Why we?

    Because we know where the best waves break, and being a mobile surf school we can surf many more days.

    But, beyond our technical knowledge, we do what we do with passion. We enjoy every moment on the water and we want you to do too. At BCN Surf School, we not only teach you how to surf, but we share with you the excitement and fun we feel about surfing