Surf Guide

We not only teach you how to surf, but we also take you to conquer the best waves in Barcelona! With our surf guiding service, we offer to share our knowledge of the most incredible spots and the unique characteristics of each wave.

How does it work?

Pick-up: Where are you? Don't worry! We'll come to pick you up wherever you are.

Exploration of the Best Spots: We know Barcelona and its surroundings like the back of our hand. We'll take you to the most exclusive and exciting places so you can enjoy the surfing experience.

Chasing the Best Waves: Want the best waves? We'll find them together. Our experts will guide you to make the most of each session, regardless of your skill level.

Back Home: At the end of the session, we'll take you back to wherever suits you best. At home? Of course! We want your experience to be perfect from start to finish


One session

We will take you to the best Spot so you can have an epic Surf session

1 surfer: €100

Extra surfers: + €20

Full day

For 8 hours we will take you in search of the best waves. You can do all the sessions you want!

1 student: €170

Extra student: + €20