BCN Surf School WhatsApp Group

BCN Surf School group classes are the best way to share your passion for Surfing while learning with other students at the school.

We organize ourselves through a WhatsApp group where we schedule classes based on the wave forecast.

Our headquarters are located on Somorrostro beach (in front of shower number 16) next to Barceloneta. Even so, we usually travel around the coast of Barcelona to find the best waves so that surfing with us becomes a unique experience.

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  • How to sign up?

    Join the WhatsApp chat and as soon as a class you want to join is scheduled:

    1. Copy the message.
    2. Add your name depending on what you need (Your Name / Board / Suit / Transport).
    3. Send the message back to the group.
  • Meeting point

    The meeting point is at the time indicated at our headquarters; on Somorrostro beach (shower 16).

    Most of the time we will move in our vehicles to other beaches in search of better waves and with fewer people.

  • Rates

    • Single class: €30
    • Wetsuit: €5
    • Surfboard: €5
    • Transport: €5

    Board, suit and transportation rates are only for students who book the class.


What do I need to bring?

  • swimsuit
  • towel
  • Solar protection
  • water

We also recommend bringing a snack.

How can I pay?

  • We prefer cash payment on the same day of class.
  • We also accept Bizum, Paypal and Web

I've never surfed...

Don't worry! All classes scheduled in the WhatsApp group are for beginners unless otherwise indicated.

The instructor enters the water with the students so he can adapt the level in a personalized way both for those who have never surfed and for more experienced surfers.

The video correction classes (which will be indicated in the chat when they are done) do require a base level. Surfers who are able to choose and properly surf both left and right waves.

Why are they the best Surf classes in Barcelona?

Because we know how the coast works in detail and we always go where the best waves are to teach.

We prioritize quality teaching, and the search for non-crowded spots where students can learn calmly and harmoniously.

But above all, because all our instructors are united by a passion for both surfing and teaching it.

Try and you will see how surfing with us is the best option.

You will repeat!